Dumpbox Polishing

Polished Aluminum Dump Box

Aluminum Dump Box Polishing, Langley, BC

Dump Boxes are made from “Milled Aluminum” panels & have a bit of a “sheen” as it is new metal. Over time, due to weather elements, improper wash techniques & harsh abrasive chemicals, the aluminum becomes dull, pitted, & begins to look not so great.
AJ’s first does a complete wash to remove any grease or contaminants picked up from the road grime etc. Then depending on the condition, we use various stages of sanding methods¬†to remove the “milled” marks & “pits” to achieve a smooth surface. From this point, we begin several stages of machine polishing until we have achieved a flawless mirror shine.
Have a look at some of the before & after pics here, & if you’re interested in getting a free quote or finding out more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us @¬†16047249112 for the Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland OR 12507299274 for Vancouver Island

Before Polishing Custom Dump Box


Custom built aluminum Dump Box for a Pick up truck


Aluminum Dump Box Polishing, Duncan, BC



Close up showing condition of Metal


Before polishing aluminum dump box


Here you can see how dull, oxidized the metal face is.




After Polishing Custom Dump Box


After polishing for aluminum dump box


Polished Aluminum Dump Box, Duncan, BC




After Polishing

Before Polishing Dump Trailer

Polished Dump Trailer

Polished Aluminum Dump Trailer

K-Line Dump Box

Polished K-Line Dump Box

Polished Aluminum Dump Box

Dump Box

Mirror Finish Dump Box

Dump Box

Before & after Dump Box Polishing

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